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Brazilian Soccer Schools NY Summer Camp

Brookside Farm Soccer Field presents a week of coaching with Horace McFarlane of Brazilian Soccer Schools NY. 

In 1990-1992 McFarlane played semi-professional in Jamaica. He was inspired by the Brazilian style of play introduced to him when Pelé visited Jamaica in the 1970s. 

McFarlane owns and runs Brazilian Soccer Schools, NY. Many soccer clubs send players to BSSNY for training. Brookside Farm Soccer Field is fortunate to have McFarlane visit for a week of training and coaching. 

McFarlane's goals are to help players feel more comfortable with the ball at their feet, overcome the fear of mistakes, fall in love with the game and have fun. 

McFarlane brings an advanced style of play to the area! Don't miss out. Sign up today! 


Coaches of Excellence!

Coming soon to Brookside Farm Soccer Field. 

Coaches of excellence are judged based on their experience, their credentials, and how they interact with youth athletes. Brookside Farm Soccer Field will feature a coach of excellence for training and coaching with youth athletes from the community. 

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